Cindy & Mandy are participating in the 2021 Rebelle Rally on October 6 - 16th, 2021. The Rally is the first women’s only off-road navigation rally held in the United States and truly showcases the strength and resilience women have, especially when working together.  The event is a 10-day rally starting in Arizona and finishing in California where we’ll be navigating to hidden checkpoints in our vehicle using only a compass and map over 2500+km! 

Together, Cindy and Mandy share many important values and goals, which make them great competitors in this Rally! The Rebelle Rally inspires women to go out of their comfort zone to complete a rally that will not only teach them more about themselves and strengthen their confidence, but will also provide a network of strong women. 




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An Army veteran residing in Maryland with her off-roading husband and dog. She was born into the military, served in the Army for six years starting at the age of 17, completed school at Indiana University and then found herself in Maryland. 

While in the military, she was introduced to off-roading in a defensive driving course, which kickstarted her love for Offroading. She met her husband who is also big into Overlanding and vehicle travel in his 2008 Jeep Wrangler JK8 and they now travel together with their dog Roady, wherever and whenever possible.⁠


2020 was her Rookie Year with the Rebelle Rally and based on her amazing experiences and fun with her teammate, Irma, doing the Rally in 2021 was a no brainer. The Rebelle serves up challenges like no other, which are addicting and also beneficial to becoming a better person, both at the Rally and outside of it! It gets you out of your comfort zone, increase confidence, and provides a network of amazing people from the Offroad community. Mandy looks forward to 2021 and sharing her experiences from the Rally with others!⁠

Random facts about Mandy:

  • She has her CrossFit CF-L2 trainer certificate and USA Weightlifting Level 2 certificate, which she uses to coach on side at Blue Crab CrossFit in Hanover, MD.

  • Her daily driver, a 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, which is a special ordered manual transmission!

An Air Force vet currently living in Maryland, Cindy (a.k.a. Spicy) is no stranger to off-roading. While this is her first Rebelle, or any organized off-roading event for that matter, she is no stranger to navigating unusual terrain or driving off-road vehicles.

As a former Alaskan resident, Cindy learned to charm the rugged logging roads on ATVs at a young age.  That foundation was put to good use when she went into the military and drove a “five ton” and “deuce and a half” vehicles on the side of the mountains in South Korea. She loves puzzles and, today, uses those skills to identify data integrity issues, isolating the cause and determining the best path for recovery. These skills will serve her well in her first Rebelle and will be complemented by her competitive nature.

Cindy’s true passions are her two sons, Andre & Ty, and two dogs, Nolan and Aggie. Andre followed the family tradition by serving in the military and Ty is finishing his last year of Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University and is a 2x B1G TEN track and field champion. Nolan and Aggie are 9 year old Mastiffs, have more preventative care appointments (chiropractic, laser, water PT, and acupuncture) than their humans and they also have their own van. 

Random facts about Cindy:

  • She likes dogs way more than humans

  • She actually reads the owner's manual of her vehicles and devices - front to back!

  • She won't walk on grass (yeah, desert!)

  • Cindy isn't her birth name.


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